People studying GRM together

Local Group Study


Study with a Local GRM Study Group.**

Includes: access to Group Study Sessions. No books included. (You need to purchase the books separately.)


  • Every member of the Local GRM Study Group must register and pay $135 for 6 months. After this, they will have to pay $135 for a further additional 6 months to continue their studies, provided they have not graduated yet. All payments can be done through this webpage.
  • Every student must buy their own books. Each student is required to have his/her own copy of the Workbook and the other required books as hard copies, or e-books.
  • The Leader will set up the GRM Bible School Group Study Session once or twice a week in the congregation/ministry building or in another building suitable for this, where the videos may be watched from a central TV screen.

*If the student does not graduate in 6 months, to continue studies, he/she will have to pay $135 for every 6 months after this. 

**IMPORTANT: There are a limited number of cities with Local GRM Study Groups. Before registering, please send an email to to inquire

*Workbook and books are not included. You need to purchase the books separately.